The Jaguar C Type Club - For all C-types, D-types and their derivatives
Proteus C Type (new)Thanks for visiting the home of The Jaguar C Type Club!
hope that through your membership of The Jaguar C-type Club and using the knowledge and connections I have obtained over the past 17 years of ownership I can help you in your search for advice and assistance in regard to a C- type or a D- type Jaguar -  replica or original. This could be one you own already and wish to improve or repair, one you are perhaps looking for or one you maybe wish to sell.  I charge a flat fee of £3,000 for successfully finding a buyer or a seller for you. Currently  my own "equipe" consists of an original Jim Marland aluminium Proteus C- type (please see the slide show when I have updated it) and an XK120. The Proteus is painted in Jaguar Moorland Green which does make a change from BRG and Ecosse Flag Blue! 

You will find The Jaguar C Type Club membership application form in the "Guest Book". But if it easier just call me on one of the numbers below.There is no charge  for belonging to The Jaguar C Type Club and the only reason that I keep mentioning The Jaguar C Type Club is that it helps the search engines to score more hits! The Jaguar C Type Club is open to D- type owners as well (including originals of which we already have two and several  halves!). And we have a Lister and an XKSS as well as several Ds. The Jaguar C Type Club is just for swapping tips and info between members but I will be trying to arrange at least one meet, tour or  track day every year. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to say so.

I promote The Jaguar C Type Club in the XK Gazette (the magazine of the XK Club who have kindly suggested we combine forces from time to time and I do on The Jaguar C Type Club's behalf still contribute the occasional article to that publication.  Of course there are very few C and D - type replicas around - my guess would be that no more than 800 worldwide - but already we have around 300 members in The Jaguar C Type Club.  It's an obvious case for an online forum I suppose but I have little idea of and no spare time to manage one of these.

The Jaguar C Type Club has attracted members from all over Europe, several from North America and a few from Australasia. Newsletters have covered the Proteus story, the evolution of Realm and  Heritage, a meeting with Classic Jaguar Replicas and an interview with the famous Norman Dewes (Jaguar's Chief Test Driver for all the years that concerned our cars and many more).The inaugural meeting of The Jaguar C Type Club took place on 27th June 2012 at Old Warden airfield near Biggleswade in rural Bedfordshire and the home of the famous Shuttleworth collection of vintage aircraft. This was at the kind invitation of a Jaguar C Type Club member and was by all accounts a great success, some 20 C and D- types attending; other welcome invitations include a lunch at a Wiltshire farmstead (this actually took place in 2013 as the lunchtime venue for our first Castle Combe track day) and track time at Spa - Francorchamps. Our next meeting of The Jaguar C Type Club took place in the Cotswolds in April 2013 and our most recent and arguably most fun was at Castle Combe in Wiltshire on July 21. Track days at “Combe” take place regularly – now under the auspices of Classic Jaguar Replicas. Please note that I am always ready to arrange tours in the Cotswolds given adequate encouragement.
So please join The Jaguar C Type Club if you are enthusiastic about these terrific and beautiful cars - whether you have one, want one, used to have one or just simply love them! 
I hope to see you again and please keep checking as there is more to come! And please read the rest of the site before you go.
Also remember that joining The Jaguar C Type Club via the website is not mandatory. You can if you wish simply call me........but if you use the Guest Book route please do not forget that I need a telephone number a the very least since so often, believe it or not, email addresses turn out to be incorrect.
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