The Jaguar C Type Club - For all C-types, D-types and their derivatives

Contact me on +44 (0)7970 846988 or +44 (0)1451 822557 any time or email me on

Otherwise please fill out the form in the Guest Book area on the next page to be added to TheJaguar C Type Club . And please provide some basic details of your car(s)  or tell me how I can help otherwise. If you want some advice but do not wish to be on the register that's fine too. Any advice is free and probably overpriced at that. It is also of course given without responsibility. Please remember that the whole point of The Jaguar C Type Club is to put members in touch with each other (by email only) for the purposes of advice, ideas and (I hope) encouragement so no data protection will apply. If you do not accept this then do not join! 
That said, members will only be introduced to members  but once a member has been given an email address I cannot of course control what he does with it thereafter. I do not propose to reveal anything beyond names, email addresses and car details i.e. no addresses or telephone numbers, just an approximate location. 
Please also observe my "rules of engagement" in regard to emails which are that they should not please be used for any commercial or frivolous purpose.
I am afraid the assurance given at the bottom of the Guest Book box re emails must be ignored; when I have found out how to do so I will delete it.
In the Message Box in the Guest Book area please include a brief description of your car (or of the one you are seeking) and an idea of your location. It is not of course necessary to be an owner or a buyer. Enthusiam for the marque(s) is all that we wish for! 
Note that here at The Jaguar C Type Club I try very hard never to let an email go unacknowledged so if you have not heard from me within a day or two please try again. Experience has shown that some email addresses are incorrectly entered into the Vistaprint system so my reply to you is rejected
and  until I hear from you  I have no address to chase up! In these circumstances may I suggest you use the details at the top of this page to make sure I get to hear from you. Many thanks.